Providing for the physical and educational needs of children

Feeding Programme

One of our aims is to alleviate poverty through promoting education among girls and orphans in Uyoma. Inspired by her social work degree, Grace decided to establish a feeding programme for Gagra Primary School which is intended to increase enrolments, especially among girls and those most in need, by providing each child with a healthy, hot meal at lunchtime. Children are given a cooked dish of kidney beans and maize and a cup of tea. Since starting the programme in February 2012, enrolment has increased from 600 to 800 children (an increase of 200 children, many of whom are girls).

The estimated cost for fully supporting the feeding programme is £4000 per term or £12000 per annum. It is difficult to overstate the impact of providing education for an additional 200 children on their future lives as education remains the best hope that they have of escaping poverty and productively serving their communities and country. Your donations are needed to keep this programme running and provide for an even greater expansion in education for children who desperately need it.