Providing for the physical and educational needs of children

Give a Girl Hope

"I became involved in Give A Girl Hope after hearing Grace Bridgewater talk about her village in Kenya.

Grace's village has over 1,000 orphans, 800 of which attend a school founded by Grace's father. Of the 800 who attend the school, 500 are girls.

For one week every month the girls are unable to go to school because they have their period. Their periods are unmanageable at school as they do not have sanitary towels or knickers. Missing so much school seriously affects any chance the girls have of improving their lives. We want to be able to keep these girls at school.

Judy and I hope that we can receive donations of 1,000 pairs of knickers, to give each girl 2 pairs. We are also asking for £1 for each pair of knickers donated to provide sanitary towels.

Please help us to help these girls and keep them at school." - Emma