Providing for the physical and educational needs of children

Give a Girl Hope

"I became involved in Give A Girl Hope after hearing Grace Bridgewater talk about her village in Kenya.

Grace's village has over 1,000 orphans, 800 of which attend a school founded by Grace's father. Of the 800 who attend the school, 500 are girls.

For one week every month the girls are unable to go to school because they have their period. Their periods are unmanageable at school as they do not have sanitary towels or knickers. Missing so much school seriously affects any chance the girls have of improving their lives. We want to be able to keep these girls at school.

Judy and I hope that we can receive donations of 1,000 pairs of knickers, to give each girl 2 pairs. We are also asking for £1 for each pair of knickers donated to provide sanitary towels.

Please help us to help these girls and keep them at school." - Emma

Child Protection Training

Child abuse, in particular sexual abuse, is widely practised in Kenya. We have provided child protection training and a venue for professional volunteers from the United Kingdom to come to Kenya and work in partnership with  teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the community to ensure that all children are kept safe. Msingi Wa Tumaini is aiming to have a child protection desk at every local police station in Gagra Uyoma.

Feeding Programme

One of our aims is to alleviate poverty through promoting education among girls and orphans in Uyoma. Inspired by her social work degree, Grace decided to establish a feeding programme for Gagra Primary School which is intended to increase enrolments, especially among girls and those most in need, by providing each child with a healthy, hot meal at lunchtime. Children are given a cooked dish of kidney beans and maize and a cup of tea. Since starting the programme in February 2012, enrolment has increased from 600 to 800 children (an increase of 200 children, many of whom are girls).

The estimated cost for fully supporting the feeding programme is £4000 per term or £12000 per annum. It is difficult to overstate the impact of providing education for an additional 200 children on their future lives as education remains the best hope that they have of escaping poverty and productively serving their communities and country. Your donations are needed to keep this programme running and provide for an even greater expansion in education for children who desperately need it.

Chicken Project

We have established a chicken project to provide eggs for children’s lunches and eggs for sale to support the feeding programme. The project is still in process with costs so far amounting to £2000. We need another £2000, but it is hoped that the project will eventually become financially self-sustaining.

Your donations will help us to make this project successful.

Dairy Project

We aim to establish a dairy project which will support the feeding programme, both by providing children with fresh milk as well as financially through the sale of milk in the village.

We will purchase ten dairy cows to start with. The estimated cost of establishing the project is £8000.

Clothing and Toys

We collect used school uniforms in good condition as well as other children’s clothing, books and toys for orphans and vulnerable children at Gagra Primary School.

When the Children’s Centre is constructed, we will also collect books and toys for the Children’s Centre.

Children’s Centre

We aim to establish a children’s centre, which can serve as a place for the children’s and junior youth empowerment programme and will also include a play area, children’s library and venue for classes in arts and crafts and other vocational classes.

The estimated cost for building the centre is £20,000.

Water Project

Access to water is a basic human necessity. The village has no sources of clean, fresh water other than rain water, which most people are unable to collect and is unavailable in times of drought. The nearest source of open fresh water is Lake Victoria, which is several kilometres distant from the school.

As such, we plan to sink a well to provide constant access to water for all the children at Gagra Primary School, as well as water for the dairy and chicken projects. This will cost roughly £15000.