Providing for the physical and educational needs of children

Mission Statement


Msingi wa Tumaini’s vision is of a world in which every child is provided with food and shelter as well as physical and moral education, in which orphans and vulnerable children are enabled to fulfil their innate potential and women are empowered to act as agents of development in their local communities.


The purpose of Msingi wa Tumaini is to foster communities whose ways will give hope to the world by empowering orphans and vulnerable children, junior youth and women to uphold a standard far above the low threshold by which the world measures itself.

Achieving Our Purpose

Msingi wa Tumaini will provide moral education programmes for children, junior youth and women in Uyoma, Kenya. These programmes will teach rectitude of conduct and a spirit of service to the community. Msingi wa Tumaini will provide training in child protection, basic literacy and numeracy, nutrition, hygiene, arts and crafts, agricultural skills, animal husbandry and other essential skills. Msingi wa Tumaini will provide food for orphans and vulnerable children in Uyoma through sustainable agricultural projects and promote the spread and development of agricultural knowledge and skills among children, youth and women. We will encourage cooperation, charitable giving and a spirit of volunteerism within rural communities.


We believe in the oneness of humankind and are guided by the principles of fairness and equity. We believe that the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens, that men and women are fundamentally equal, that there is but one human race and that all human beings have been created by one God. We believe that people should not be mired by dependence as passive recipients of development. Rather, we regard all human beings as irreplaceable resources in a process of change who must be empowered to express their potential. We regard each human being as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value which can only be revealed through education. We believe in promoting unity and cooperation, eschewing all involvement with partisan politics and electioneering while fostering a positive relationship with the Kenyan Government and local authorities. We believe in bringing people together from all ethnicities, tribes and religions in the spirit of unity in diversity. We believe in cooperating with organisations that have a mission compatible with our own, aimed at providing education or serving humankind, regardless of religious or other affiliation.